Our Story

Yummy Yasai was formed from our passion for all things Vegan Okonomiyaki!

Henry has lived in Japan on and off for the last 6 years and whilst in his first year there he met his partner Maki. During all Henry's time in Japan he found eating a cruelty free diet very difficult. It often meant when eating out consuming a lot of rice and edamame, although both are yummy it did get a little repetitive! It was when Maki cooked him some vegan okonomiyaki using no animal ingredients whatsoever that the idea for Yummy Yasai was born. 

Henry and Maki's mission is to now serve the best vegan okonomiyaki at festivals, street food shows and all other events across the UK. We are constantly trying to use locally sourced ingredients wherever we can. All our plates, cutlery and chopsticks that we use are 100% biodegradable! 

Yummy Okonomiyki